Frequently asked questions

How can I receive system signals?

The system presents several opportunities for the timely receipt of trading signals. The main tool is the trader's personal cabinet on the site. Also, you can use the trading advisor for MetaTrader, Android applications and Windows utility. In addition, information about the signals is sent by Push notifications.

How much is the profitability of this trading system?

The historical profitability of the project is about 68% per annum based on the analysis of the last 10 years. The actual yield may differ, but the statistical probability of the differences is small, although it is possible.

What is difference between this expert system and similar ones?

The project has a number of characteristic features. First of all, it should be noted that for the analysis of the market situation, the computing resource of several dedicated servers is truly enormous. In addition, the project is not tied to a single broker or quotation provider, the system analyzes quotes from several independent suppliers simultaneously. Well, the main difference in fundamentally new algorithms for analyzing the market situation.

Is it possible to fully automate the trading process?

Yes it is possible. To do this, you need a premium account on the site, a VDS server based on Windows, a MetaTrader terminal with an MQ4 (5) advisor installed. Thus, you can completely eliminate the human factor from the bidding process, but you still need to check the status of the programs to exclude any unforeseen situations.

Is it possible to use the system for trading in currency pairs other than EUR/USD?

No. The trading system is based on historical data quotes EUR/USD and is set to work with it. If you intend to trade on another currency pair, you should consider choosing another expert advisor.

Why is the actual income a bit different?

There may be several reasons for this. First, the delay in the performance of signals, when we talking about manual or semi-automatic trading. Secondly, the wrong settings of the spread and deposit in your account. Thirdly, the difference in your broker's quotes and international ones.

How to choose a suitable forex broker?

When choosing a broker for trading using the system, it is worth paying attention to several parameters. The first is the size of the spread (the difference in the buy/sale rate) of the EUR/USD currency pair (the recommended size is not more than 0.00015). The second, and no less important, speed of execution of orders. The third factor, which is worth paying attention to - the reputation of the broker (the availability of licenses, reviews of traders). Well, the last - the size of commissions when you enter and withdraw funds.

Why is a lucrative adviser in the public domain?

The only reason that the system is available for private use is the profitability of the advisor, due to the general influence of the traders involved in the market. As you know, the exchange rate is subject to fluctuations and any transaction is theoretically capable of affecting the trend. With the expansion of the audience of users, the total impact will increase, and as a result, the profitability will increase.

On what basis is the price of the monthly tariff formed?

The cost of using the system allows you to partially recoup the cost of renting the computing equipment involved in the project infrastructure. Tariff plan with the support of the trading advisor for MetaTrader is more expensive, because its work creates a significantly higher load on the server.

What is the minimum deposit for trading using the system?

The minimal recommended deposit depends on the minimal possilble lot size and leverage. For example, for an account with a leverage of 1\500 and a 0.01 minimal lot size, the minimum recommended deposit must be at least $1000 to compensate for a possible drawdown, avoiding a stop out. It is at these settings that the historical processes are modeled by the expert system.

Submitted on 18/11/2018 11:07

Last editing on 08/03/2018 12:05